At IasoG, we are passionate about science and technology – but we also know that science evolves rapidly and that the amount of information available can be overwhelming! We want to eat well and take the right supplements in order to stay healthy – but we also don’t want to spend so much time, money, and effort trying to figure out what works best for us!

That’s why at IasoG, we want to help you simplify your journey toward wellness. In order to do this, we use a web platform that is powered by algorithms to give you personalized recommendations and give you the information you need in order to optimize your nutrition based on your genetic data.

IasoG wants to help you regain control over your health by allowing you to make the choices that best fit your needs. We also make it simple to securely share your results with your healthcare practitioner or to connect it to other wellness applications.

With IasoG, an optimized nutrition is within your reach!


About us

The team at IasoG is made up of highly talented and passionate individuals who strive to provide the best solution, tailored to your unique you.

Rachade Hmamouchi CEO, Founder

Rachade is a bioinformatician with several years of research experience in the academic and private sectors. Fueled by the spirit of entrepreneurship, Rachade founded IasoG with the will to create a tool that can harness the power of science and technology to help people live healthier lives.

Amine Lahlou CTO, Co-founder

Amine is a computer engineer and business owner with several years of experience in the development of web-based platforms. He is passionate about new technologies, and joined IasoG convinced by the link that he saw between his field of expertise and the potential for nutrigenomics to help us live healthier lives.

Farah Bendahmane CMO, Co-founder

Farah is a pharmacoeconomist with several years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry and in the provincial government. She is passionate about the innovation that comes with science and research. She joined IasoG with the will to demystify these aspects for the benefit of all.

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