About us

L'Intelligence artificielle et l'ADN à votre service

The team at Iaso Genetics is made up of highly talented and passionate individuals who strive to provide the best solution, tailored to your unique you.

Rachade Hmamouchi  M.Sc.      Claude Jr. Belizaire              Hajar Jarine M.Sc


      Pierre Haddad Ph.D               Julie Hussin Ph.D                  Manaf Bouchentouf Ph.D MBA


You want to join us ? send us an email to jobs@iasog.com

Past co-workers

Farah Bendahmane M.Sc

Antoine Ngo  M.Sc (MBA)

Staelle Massado Foko (B. Ing)




We are proud to be part of

Mentor du Réseau M de la Fondation de l’entrepreneurship ...




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